2 killed, 20 injured in Russian attack on southern Ukraine


War between Russia and Ukraine: Russian forces have attacked Mykolaiv regularly since February 24.


A Russian attack on a residential area in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv has left at least two dead and 20 injured, the local governor said Friday.

“A rocket attack on a residential area killed two people and injured 20,” Vitaliy Kim said on social media.

He previously said that among the injured was a child.

“Four high-storey residential buildings and an infrastructure object were damaged during the morning strike in Mykolaiv,” Kim said.

“Rescue work is underway.”

Russian forces have regularly attacked Mykolaiv since the start of their invasion on February 24.

The city has been in charge of the defense of southern Ukraine as it is on the way to the main strategic port of the Black Sea, Odessa.

Mykolaiv is located about 100 kilometers (62 miles) northwest of Kherson, which fell to Russian forces in the early weeks of the war.

The regional administrative building was hit by a Russian strike in March, which ripped a hole through the center of the complex and killed more than a dozen people.

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