Akshata Murty’s vision is to open Downing Street to the public to draw a line under Johnson’s ‘fiefdom era’ – Times of India


LONDON: The new first lady at number 10, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murtyplans to distance the Sunak household from the Boris Johnson premiership and open up Downing Street more to the public “to change it from a place that was considered an incrowd fiefdom in the Johnson era,” according to Tatler.
The fashion magazine, with Murty on the cover in its February issue, says: “There will be a clear message: Downing Street must reopen after the lockdowns and power struggles and it must change from a place that is seen as a fiefdom. of an in-crowd in the Johnson era, where a “Court of Carrie” clique held sway,” referring to Johnson’s wife.
The multi-millionaire heiress’s vision is to get more people, whether visiting heads of state or members of the public, to see Downing Street’s historic state rooms and understand the history and significance of the building, according to the profile based on conversations with people who know the daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy – who is an enigmatic figure in British society.
The 42-year-old is, according to the magazine, “excited to celebrate Britain’s stories through Downing Street” and plans to use the couple’s connection to Yorkshire, which is home to Sunak’s constituency of Richmond, to “get more from the North” to Downing Street to promote British crafts and trade as a USP of post-Brexit Britain.” Murty believes in Brexit just as strongly as her husband.
Tatler praises Murty for bringing fashion back to Downing Street, with her ultra-chic style being a mix of “designer pieces combined with mid-level gear”. She wears a yellow zebra print Ganni dress and black studded sandals as an example. “Since Margaret Thatcher ruled Downing Street in a string of tweed twinsets and pearl necklaces, British politics haven’t been this tasteful,” the magazine purrs, scorning Carrie’s rented wardrobe and ex-Prime Minister Theresa May’s pumps.
Tatler states that Murty’s mother Sudha is demure, is known for dressing simply in clothes that belie her immense wealth and that Murty was never driven to school like some girls from wealthy homes.
Sudha doesn’t understand Murty’s penchant for designer clothes and they argue about it but in a humorous way, family friend journalist Sriram Karri told Tatler, who recalls an argument when Murty told her mother, “You can afford to wear a very simple dress because everyone knows what you stand for. I can’t afford to be in a bad dress to go to a job interview!”
Several former teachers and professors in the profile praise Murty for “lifting others to the next level” and for being a natural organizer. Her former math and computer science teacher, Pratima Rao, of Baldwin Girls’ High School in Bengaluru said the school’s culture and ethos “owe a lot to Enid Blyton”.
In 2009, Murty founded a fashion brand to bring Indian designers to a wider market and pay Indian artisans a good wage, but she had to close the business after a short period of time.
Now she has redecorated flat No. 10, with lavish curtains “five or six times the usual width”, the largest curtains the upholstery company she hired had ever made, alongside jewel-toned velvet sofas and cushions that became works of art. “If Rishi doesn’t make it to the next election, the stars will inherit some great fabrics,” says Tatler.

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