Banksy calls out Guess for use of his work in London Store Display


Guess closed the Regent Street location to shoppers after Banksy’s post

After a Guess clothing store allegedly used one of Banksy’s murals for a window display without permission, the anonymous British street artist posted a strong message on social media. Banksy posted a photo of Guess’ Regent Street store in central London on Instagram, suggesting that shoplifters pay a visit.

“Notice all the shoplifters. Please go to Guess on Regent Street. They helped themselves to my artwork without asking, how could it be wrong for you to do the same to their clothes?” Banksy wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. The post carries an image of the store display, featuring a reproduction of the Flower Thrower, one of Banksy’s most iconic murals created in 2003.

See the message here:

According to Guess, this is a new collection “featuring Banksy graffiti” created in collaboration with Brandalised, which licenses designs from graffiti artists. For the Fall/Winter 2022 season, Guess is proud to announce a brand new capsule collection inspired by Banksy’s Graffiti. This new capsule was created in collaboration with Brandalised, an urban graffiti license whose mission is to offer Banksy fans affordable graffiti collectibles. Guess site reads.

After Banksy’s post went viral, Guess closed the Regent Street location to shoppers, covered the storefront and beefed up security, Reuters reported. According to BBCcopyright attorney Liz Ward said that Guess “appears to have legitimately acquired the Banksy artwork through a third party, namely Brandalised, who say they have the right to commercialize and use Banksy’s artwork on goods.”

Last week, Banksy unveiled a mural on a bombed-out building outside Ukraine’s capital. In an Instagram post, the graffiti artist shared a mural depicting a gymnast performing a handstand amid the ruins of a demolished building in the town of Borodyanka, northwest of Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

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