Biden released more border crossings than people in DC


More than three quarters of a million illegal immigrants have entered the US since January 2021, according to a court file

US President Joe Biden has released more than 756,109 illegal migrants domestically into the country since taking office in January 2021, according to a court statement filed Thursday by the America First Legal Foundation.

That total includes the 545,000 border crossings caught and released by customs and border guards, plus the 212,000 migrants detained and subsequently released by immigration and customs.

That’s already more than the total population of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, Detroit, Michigan’s largest city—or the entire US capital of Washington, DC. However, that number doesn’t even include the nearly 123,000 unaccompanied minors who have been resettled across the country, or hundreds of thousands who are estimated to have crossed the Mexican border that year without being caught.

As the letter from the America First Legal Foundation explains, at the current removal rate, the Department of Homeland Security would take 14.5 years to deport the illegal aliens it has released to the US in the past 13 months.

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US braces for millions of new migrants

In the meantime, DHS appears to be shifting its priorities as the Biden administration prepares to end Title 42, a rule imposed by the Trump administration that prevented unrestricted immigration due to the public health risk the Covid-19 pandemic could bring. entails. Rather than step up deportation proceedings, DHS reportedly plans to “large-scale delivery mechanisms“that would further streamline the arrival of immigrants to the country, encourage them to seek asylum and recognize that”roads to removal will be limited

DHS is reportedly expecting more than 500,000 new arrivals a month if Title 42 is scrapped — more migrants than Americans are born each month, and more than it is equipped to track. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) said he expects as many as 30,000 migrants each day as Biden pushes through his plan to end Title 42 in May in a recent interview with Breitbart, claiming the ultimate goal is to fill the electoral rolls of Democrats who are Democrats. want to vote.

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Governors of some border states are fighting back against what they see as economically and politically destructive policies. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun diverting illegals the Biden administration has released into cities in his state with buses bound for Washington DC, arguing “the Biden administration will be able to respond more directly to the needs of the people they let cross our border‘ as they are dropped off on the steps of the Capitol.

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