Botswana’s ex-leader Khama is asking the court to annul the arrest warrant


The order was issued after the 69-year-old former president failed to appear in court to answer charges filed against him in April.

Former Botswana president Ian Khama has made an urgent request to the court to overturn an arrest warrant issued against him by a magistrate last week.

Court documents released on Thursday show he has asked the high court in the capital Gaborone to quash the order or suspend its execution, citing a lack of evidence for his prosecution.

An order was issued after the 69-year-old, the former president of Botswana, failed to appear in court to answer charges brought against him in April.

They include unlawful possession of a firearm, receiving stolen property, and obtaining a firearm’s registration under false pretenses.

“The arrest warrant threatens my right to liberty in circumstances where I have not committed a crime…if this arrest warrant were not suspended or overturned…I would suffer irreparable damage which cannot be compensated in any way,” he said in the statement. file to challenge the order.

Khama, whose late father Seretse was Botswana’s founding president, has a dispute with his successor, incumbent President Mokgweetsi Masisi, which led to his leaving Botswana’s ruling Democratic Party in 2019.

The former leader has been living in South Africa since November 2021.

His lawyer said Khama is still awaiting a hearing date. Khama has missed court since being charged in April, saying he feared for his life in Botswana.

After serving as commander of the Botswana Defense Force, Khama served as vice president of the South African country from 1998 to 2008, then became president when Festus Mogae retired.

Khama left office in 2018 after completing two five-year terms.

Since leaving the governing party, he has supported the Botswana Patriotic Front, which broke away from the BDP.

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