California Highway Closed After Truck Crash Spills 1.5 Lakh Tomatoes


The tomato mass covered a 200-foot stretch on the California highway.

A huge mass of tomatoes was scattered across a highway stretch in California after the truck carrying them collided with two vehicles, veered and hit the median strip New York Times. More than 150,000 tomatoes ended up on the road, causing traffic chaos on Interstate 80 in Vacaville, the outlet said. The charge covered the eastbound lanes of the highway for about 200 feet, creating a red mass that was about “two feet deep,” according to California Highway Patrol.

The accident happened around 5 a.m. Monday. Unable to detect the tomatoes, the drivers driving down the road drove over them, crushing the fruit and creating a gooey concoction, police said. NYT report.

“Those tomato peels, man,” NYT quoted highway patrol officer Jason Tyhurst as saying. “Once they hit the asphalt, it’s like walking on ice.”

“I’m just glad there was no fatality because that could easily have been a fatality,” he added.

The spill of mashed tomatoes has caused seven cars to crash on the highway, shutting it down, the police said. BBC. The California Highway Patrol said three people suffered minor injuries and the fourth was hospitalized with a broken leg, the outlet said.

It took several hours for authorities to open the stretch of highway after a clean-up operation.

California produces more than 90 percent of processed tomatoes in the United States and nearly half of the world’s processed tomatoes, according to the State Tomato Growers Association.

The crash occurred during the tomato season in California, when the trucks use Interstate 80 to transport the fruit to the Bay Area and Sacramento.

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