Canada’s exports are down 2.3% in November 2022


Ottawa, Jan. 6 (IANS) Exports of Canadian goods fell 2.3 percent in November 2022, largely due to a decline in exports of energy products, according to official figures.

Statistics Canada said on Thursday that imports fell 2.1 percent, in part due to lower imports of consumer goods, Xinhua news agency reported.

As a result, Canada’s trade balance with the world went from a surplus of C$130 million ($104 million) in October to a deficit of C$41 million in November, it added.

Exports of energy products fell 4.7 percent in November, a fifth straight monthly drop, according to Statistics Canada.

Notable decreases were observed in several subcategories. Coal led the way, down 24.3 percent with lower exports to Asian countries.

After a fall of 1.8 percent in October, imports of consumer goods fell by 5.7 percent in November.

Just like in October, imports of pharmaceutical and medicinal products fell the most, at 11.5 percent.

In November, there was a drop in drug imports, particularly for the treatment of Covid-19, as well as imports in the “vaccines for human medicine other than for influenza” category, which also includes vaccines, the national agency for health care said. statistics.

When international trade in goods and services was combined, exports fell 1.6 percent to C$78.5 billion in November, while imports fell 2.1 percent to C$79.9 billion, it added. .


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