Eight Israelis injured in Jerusalem bus attack



Israeli police are on the hunt for a gunman after a shooting attack on a bus in Jerusalem’s Old City that left at least eight people injured.

A gunman opened fire on a bus near Jerusalem’s Old City, injuring at least eight people, two seriously, according to medics and Israeli police.

The attack took place in the early hours of Sunday as the bus carrying Israelis waited in a parking lot near the Western Wall, a holy place of worship for Jews.

Among the victims was a 35-year-old pregnant woman, according to the Times of Israel newspaper.

A second shooting in a nearby parking lot was also reported.

Israeli police said troops have been sent to the scene to launch an investigation.

“Police have been informed of a shooting on a bus… Police have cordoned off the scene and are looking for a suspect who has fled,” police said.

Israeli forces have entered the nearby Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and pursued the suspected attacker.

Natasha Ghoneim of Al Jazeera, who reports from occupied East Jerusalem, said Israeli forces have raided homes in the area and made arrests.

“Police have raided several homes in Silwan. Recently, there were reports that four people have been arrested, two of them women and possibly relatives of the suspect,” she said.

The attack in Jerusalem followed a tense week between Israel and Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

Last week, Israeli fighter jets launched airstrikes in Gaza targeting the Palestinian armed group, Islamic Jihad, after the arrest of one of its leaders in the occupied West Bank.

Forty-nine Palestinians, including 17 children and two Islamic Jihad commanders, were killed in the Israeli bombing.

Hundreds of Palestinians were also injured.

Islamic Jihad responded by firing hundreds of rockets at Israel, but most were intercepted.

No Israeli was killed or seriously injured.

The fighting ended with an Egypt-brokered ceasefire and Cairo’s assurances that it would work to release two members of Islamic Jihad held by Israel.

The Hamas group, which rules Gaza, has remained on the sidelines.

Analysts say the ceasefire remains fragile.

“The atmosphere is one of tension and frustration,” said Yoni Ben-Menachem, a Middle East analyst based in West Jerusalem.

“The Palestinians are very frustrated with what has happened in Gaza. For them, it was a defeat of Palestinian Islamic Jihad because Israel conducted a successful operation, and although there is a ceasefire, tensions are very high as Islamic Jihad continues to demand the release of its prisoners,” Ben said. -Menachem. Al-Jazeera.

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