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BRUSSELS: The European Union and the United States on Friday insisted that any support from Beijing for Russia’s war in Ukraine, or aid to Moscow to evade Western sanctions, would damage ties with China.
US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Stefano Sannino, head of the EU’s diplomatic service, held extensive talks in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.
In a statement, the EU diplomatic service and the US State Department said they praised the “exceptional display of transatlantic unity” over the invasion of Ukraine.
“They will continue to urge China not to circumvent or undermine sanctions against Russia, and not to provide any form of support to Russian aggression against Ukraine, reaffirming that such support would affect our respective relations with China,” the statement said.
“They also expressed concern about China’s repeated manipulation of information, including reinforcing Russian disinformation about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”
Last year, EU member Lithuania allowed Taipei to open a representative office called Taiwan, a major diplomatic departure that angered Beijing, which downgraded relations and blocked exports from Vilnius.
China considers self-ruled, democratic Taiwan part of its territory, and deters any international support for the island’s sovereignty.
Sherman and Sannino “expressed particular concern and opposition to recent incidents of economic coercion by China, reaffirmed their solidarity with the targets and underlined the importance of international cooperation,” the statement said.
In the eyes of Chinese officials, Europeans have been carried away to support Ukraine, at the initiative of Washington, in a move that conflicts with their interests as Russian gas consumers.
While Beijing refuses to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and defends its close friendship with Moscow, the EU has warned China that any aid to Russia, in particular by greatly increasing its purchases of hydrocarbons, will affect its economic relations with Europe, its main trading partner, will affect .
Washington has gone even further by raising the possibility of sanctions.
“We’ve been very direct that they’ve seen what we’ve done in terms of sanctions, export controls, designations against Russia, so it should give them an idea of ​​the menu we could choose from, if China were indeed to material support,” Sherman told a think tank in Brussels on Thursday.
She said she hopes China will “learn the right lessons from this: that you cannot separate the United States from its allies and partners, and that Europe cannot separate itself from like-minded countries.”

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