“Faking Outrage”: White House berates Republicans for Biden’s classified documents


The White House denounced Republicans’ “political stunts” over classified documents found at Biden’s home.


The White House on Tuesday criticized “political stunts” by Republicans in the wake of the discovery that President Joe Biden improperly kept secret documents among his personal belongings for years.

The counterattack comes as the White House has come under mounting pressure since the revelation that a handful of sensitive government documents had been found in Biden’s former private office and his home in Delaware.

Congressional Republicans, who took control of the U.S. House of Representatives this month, are “pretending to be outraged,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.

House Republicans recently announced their own investigation into the storage of the documents, in addition to the investigation being conducted by a Justice Department-appointed special counsel.

“They’ve decided it’s time for more political stunts,” Sams told reporters.

He referred to Republicans’ lack of interest in former Republican President Donald Trump’s much larger document scandal and also questioned newly elected chairman Kevin McCarthy’s closed doors with his party’s far right wing.

“When it comes to Congress, we intend to review and respond to surveillance investigations in good faith. But we also expect members of Congress to show the same good faith,” Sams said.

“House Republicans lose credibility when they express bogus outrage on an issue they clearly pursue only for partisan gain.”

Sams said the White House is “reviewing” the demands of Republican-led House committees. But “we’re going to call it out when we see rampant hypocrisy.”

The stray classified documents date from Biden’s time as vice president under Barack Obama. He says he was “surprised” to learn of their existence and that the White House is fully and voluntarily cooperating.

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