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PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron was punched in the face again on Sunday, Mehr News Agency reported citing a viral video.
A video clip, which went viral on social media, reportedly shows a woman in an olive green T-shirt punching the president Macron while he was going somewhere.
The clip also shows some media people who were on site at the time of the alleged incident.
Macron’s security detail quickly pulled the woman away and pounced on her, media reports said.
In a similar incident on June 8 last year, a man punched President Macron in the face during a visit by the French leader to the south-east of the country.
According to the New York Timesciting footage of the incident, Macron approached a small crowd of people in Tain-l’Hermitage, a town in France’s Drôme region he visited to speak to members of the food and restaurant industry ahead of another easing of the Covid 19 related restrictions that week when the incident took place.
The images show how the attacker grabs the French president.s forearm and punched him in the face when he was about to strike up a conversation with a long-haired man dressed in a khaki T-shirt.
The man also shouted “Down of Macrony‘, a term sometimes used derogatorily to refer to Macron’s government.
According to The New York Times, two people have been arrested in the case, including the attacker. But the daily could not provide details about their identities.
Before slapping Macron, the man chanted a slogan sometimes associated with royalist or far-right activists, though his exact motives were unclear.
In 2018, a man affiliated with Action Francaise, a royalist group, shouted the same slogan while throwing a pie in the face of a left-wing lawmaker, The New York Times reported.
Unfazed after the attack, Macron resumed talking and shaking hands with people. He later said later that he was fine and that the blow was an “isolated incident” that had to be “put into perspective”.
“The vast majority of the French are interested in issues of substance,” The New York Times quoted Macron in an interview with a local newspaper, adding that a minority of “ultra-violent individuals” should not take possession of “the public debate.”

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