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BERLIN: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Wednesday that his country will provide Ukraine with modern anti-aircraft missiles and radar systems, ramping up arms deliveries amid criticism that Germany is not doing enough to help Kiev fend off Russia.
Scholz told lawmakers that the government has decided to provide Ukraine with IRIS-T missiles that Germany has developed along with other NATO countries.
He said Germany will also provide Ukraine with radar systems to help locate enemy artillery.
The announcement comes as Ukrainian forces are engaged in a drawn-out battle for the eastern industrial region of the Donbas. After a series of setbacks in the weeks following their invasion, Russian forces have turned their attention to the Donbas and are determined to conquer parts of the region not yet controlled by Moscow-backed separatists.
In the Donbas, Russian troops have taken half of a key city in eastern Ukraine in a “frantic attack,” Mayor Oleksandr Striuk said on Tuesday. Serhiy Haidai, governor of the greater Luhansk region, meanwhile, said most of the city, Sievierodonetsk, was under Russian control, although he added that fierce fighting continued and the city was not surrounded.
Military analysts have said the fighting in the Donbas is a race against time as the Kremlin hopes for a victory before more Western weapons arrive to bolster Ukraine’s defenses.
The West hopes to tip the balance. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the US will provide Ukraine with the more advanced missile systems its leaders have asked for. In an essay published in The New York Times, Biden said the missile systems will allow Ukraine to “attack more important targets more accurately”.
US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity before Biden’s announcement, said Washington will send Ukraine a small number of high-tech, medium-range missile systems. The missiles could be used to intercept Russian artillery as well as to take Russian positions in heavily fighting cities, such as Sievierodonetsk.
The announcements come amid claims at home and abroad that Germany has been slow to provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defend itself against Russia.

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