Hong Kong relaxes Covid rules for tour groups


The Hong Kong government said on Nov. 7 it was easing COVID-19 restrictions on inbound tour groups, including allowing entry to theme parks and museums after arriving at the financial center.

Hong Kong has relaxed many of its strict coronavirus policies in recent months, including hotel quarantine for international arrivals from September 26.

However, international arrivals are still subject to multiple coronavirus tests and are not allowed to enter bars, restaurants and venues such as sports clubs for the first three days.

The government said specific arrangements for visiting tourists would be launched this month, without specifying a start date.

“The relevant arrangements can support the gradual resumption of the inbound travel market in an orderly manner and provide a more favorable business environment for the travel industry,” the government said.

The announcement came after Hong Kong hosted a high-profile financial summit last week that exempted more than 200 financial executives flying to the former British colony from Hong Kong’s rules for international arrivals.

Many local residents have pointed to inconsistencies in government policies and said authorities should lift restrictions equally for everyone.

Hong Kong’s economy is plagued by the coronavirus restrictions that have lasted for nearly three years, with many small and medium-sized businesses shutting down.

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