How will Elon Musk shape Twitter?


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From: Inside Story

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has laid off nearly half of the company’s workforce.

For a man who likes to make headlines, spending $44 billion to buy one of the largest social media platforms in the world is one way to achieve that.

But the deal of the world’s richest man has been disturbed from the start.

Musk tried to back down before signing last week to avoid a major lawsuit.

After the ink of the deal dried, he started firing nearly half of the Twitter staff by email after they were locked out of the company’s IT systems.

Some of the missing employees include those with expertise in human rights and hate speech.

Twitter had moderated the content — most notably expelling former US President Donald Trump.

Some major advertisers are now saying they are holding back their business until they see what happens next.

So what’s next for Twitter?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamojoom


Marc Einstein – Digital Media Specialist at the ITR Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.

Cara Brennan Allamano – Chief People Officer at Lattice, a people management software company based in San Francisco.

Adrian Weckler – Technology Editor of the Irish Independent newspaper in Dublin, European headquarters of Twitter.

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