country imposes sanctions on Putin’s daughters


Canada has followed the US in its efforts to punish the Russian president’s adult children over Moscow’s war in Ukraine

Canada has joined the US in a bid to personalize retaliation against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine by imposing new sanctions on President Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters.

Ottawa’s latest sanctions target 14 individuals linked to the “Russian regime”, including Putin daughters Katerina Tikhonova and Mariya Putina. Both women are in their thirties and have no known positions in the Russian government.

“These actions demonstrate that Canada will not give in to holding Russian President Vladimir Putin and his associates to account for their complicity in the Russian regime’s invasion of Ukraine.” Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said in a statement on Tuesday.

The announcement did not identify any of the targeted individuals by name, saying only that they were “oligarchs and their relatives” who are “close associates of the Russian regime”. Sanctioned persons will be subject to asset freezes and unspecified restrictions. The ministry accused Russia of “barbaric deeds” in Ukraine.

“Canada continues to stand by the brave men and women fighting for their freedom in Ukraine,” said Joli. “We will continue to impose heavy charges on the Russian regime in coordination with our allies and will relentlessly pursue accountability for their actions. They will answer for their crimes.”

Since the Russian military offensive began, Canada has imposed sanctions on more than 1,200 individuals and entities. The latest measures come two weeks after Washington announced sanctions against Putin’s daughters. “We believe that many of Putin’s assets are hidden with relatives, so we are targeting them,” a US official told reporters.

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