denies cutting off interview with Piers Morgan


The Former President Provided Audio Evidence Showing He Didn’t “Brush Out” As Morgan Claimed

Former US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims that he stormed out of a recent interview with Piers Morgan and released an audio recording of how his sitting actually ended. Trump accused Morgan of it “just like the rest of the fake news media.”

On Wednesday, TalkTV, which will air the interview on April 25, released a highly dramatized promotional video for the sit-down, which it dubs “the most explosive interview of the year.” The promo offered a 30-second video recap of the discussion over incredibly loud cinematic music and portrays Trump as increasingly frustrated by Morgan’s questions. The video ends with Trump seemingly cutting the interview, saying: “Turn off the camera” and tell Morgan that he is “very unfair” as he gets up from the chair to take off his microphone.

However, an audio recording of that same interview released by Trump’s team suggests a very different story. On the recording, Trump and Morgan can clearly be heard laughing, chatting and thanking you for the interview, contrary to what a “deceptively edited” promotional video for the proposed interview.

Towards the end of the audio clip, uploaded to SoundCloud by Breitbart, you can hear Piers Morgan say “That was a good conversation”, to which Trump replies “Yes.” Morgan then says: “Thank you so much. I really appreciate it”, before trump says “Turn the camera off.”

On Wednesday, Trump released a statement along with a link to the audio clip, which read: “Piers Morgan, like the rest of the fake news media, tried to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me.”

“He wanted to make it look like I walked out during the interview when my 20-minute time limit had passed by an hour.” read the statement. “The good news is that the interview was recorded by us to keep him honest.”

Trump added that if anyone wanted to: “makes Piers look bad”, they should just compare TalkTV’s manipulated promo video to: “the real thing.”

The former US president expressed hope that publishing the original audio would force Morgan’s team to make something of it “major changes in their final product”, conclude that “However, it just shows what I’m dealing with in the fake news media. He went out of his way to fraudulently edit an interview and got caught. That’s a big story, isn’t it?”

The fallout from the controversial edit has already reached Morgan’s new talk show dubbed Piers Uncensored, as a number of people have criticized the former Good Morning Britain presenter for using Trump to gather opinions.

Trump communications director Taylor Budowich wrote on Twitter that the incident… “a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the career of a failed television host.”

Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner agreed with Budowich’s vision and announced that she has contacted her management to cancel an upcoming appearance on Morgan’s show due to his “repulsive misconduct.”

Morgan has dismissed the allegations “illegal and deceptive” edit the promo as “fake news”, say his promo was “As manipulated as the 2020 elections.”

He also responded to Budowich, telling him that he should have prepared Trump better for the interview and that it was his own fault for not stopping it when they wanted to, implying the former US president needs a new communications director.

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