Democrats cling to abortion rights as an opportunity to get votes back


The retraction of Roe v. Wade is seen as an opportunity to get people to vote blue in the meantime and ignore the more real and current problems

“This fall, roe is on the agenda’ said Joe Biden, addressing his base in the wake of the landmark decision to revoke federal protections for abortions. “Personal freedoms are on the agenda. The right to privacy, liberty, equality, they are all on the ballot.”

call it a “sad day for the court and for the country”, Biden hopes to turn a light switch on the minds of every liberal voter and motivate turnout among those disenchanted with the failures of his administration and the failings of any Democrat opposing a resurgent conservative movement.

After Roe v. Wade’s withdrawal on Friday, Democrats hope to tap into the wrath of their polling stations to direct their anger against Republicans — and away from the failures of their own policies.

They blame Donald Trump, the man responsible for appointing the three conservative Supreme Court justices who have turned the balance of power on the judiciary. They blame Judge Clarence Thomas, calling him an “Uncle Tom,” allowing their undisguised racism to seep through the cracks of their virtuous facade. They blame Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for inciting conservatives to fight back against the awakened ideology.

Some even blame Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Putin needs Americans who are divided and too overtaken by our own politics so that he can continue his march to Ukraine and then to Poland and beyond. He knows that the only way to defeat the Americans is to pit them against each other. don’t fall for it’ wrote liberal anti-gun activist David Hogg.

“Russian intelligence’s asymmetric warfare through active measures is probably already fully activated and will only get stronger as we get closer to the election – Putin needs leaders in America who are loyal to him so they stop giving of military aid and an end to sanctions against Russia.”

By the twisted logic of liberals suffering from Putin Derangement Syndrome, one might think that Putin — in all his omnipotence — must have manipulated millions of American voters to get Trump elected in 2016 to set off a chain reaction that took years of had foreseen beforehand. Trump then appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court, which years later repealed Roe v. Wade amid Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

You couldn’t make this up. But the Democrats can. Their ability to compose complex political fiction would give House of Cards a run for its money. And they’re only doing it because they’re out of options.

While David Hogg may be a bit of an outlier when it comes to attributing even Roe v. Wade to Putin, other Democrats are no less intent on distracting the electorate with the issue of abortion.

The move to make Roe a key issue in November’s midterm elections is a last-ditch effort in desperation as Democrats struggle in the polls. With US inflation at its 40-year high, a free-for-all on the southern border, perpetual inventory shortages, and gas pump pain — all of which Democrats have no answers for — Biden and his cohort have no other problems to deal with. to calculate.

Simply put, the Democrats — in all their lofty ambitions for a green energy transition under Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda — have let their voters down.

US is now international 'outlier' - Biden

After all, nobody buys Putin’s price hike as a topic of conversation, no matter how many times Biden repeats those words to the press. A recent fact check by Newsweek rated that attribution by Biden as “false.” The Washington Post admits it wanted to rate the claim as: “half true”, but reluctantly – perhaps to appease the readers – it left it unrated. And the Boston Globe called it “Biden’s latest inflation myth.”

Most Americans aren’t convinced by Biden’s spin, and only about one in ten voters fall for it.

Democrats have also set their sights on Ron DeSantis in hopes that their support for transgender athletes’ participation in women’s sports and for Drag Queen Story Hour can earn them votes. Comparing the Florida Republican to Putin — and labeling him as an enemy of the LGBTQ community — progressive activists have spent all of Pride Month attacking DeSantis’ pro-parental, anti-grooming policies.

And when all that didn’t distract Americans from the country’s most pressing problems, Democrats turned to the issue of reproductive rights—from Roe v. Wade and what DeSantis thinks about it. After all, liberals have good reason to fear DeSantis — a recent straw poll shows him beating Trump as the Republicans’ first-choice nomination in the 2024 presidential election.

DeSantis’ decision to stand up to the liberals has steadily influenced other conservative governors and legislatures who are now fighting to win society back from the decline of vigilant, democratic policies — and his pro-life stance now stands central.

As the Washington Post points out, Florida has emerged as a “important battlefield” in the state-by-state struggle for pro-life policies following Roe’s repeal, where a ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy has already passed legislation.

But will the problem be enough to convince voters? Probably not.

It is suspected that by focusing on Roe, more liberal women will vote. But when the dust settles and liberal voters — currently entangled in the hysteria of the current thing — calm down, they’ll come to realize that for Democrat-controlled states, not much will have changed with Roe’s repeal. All that the repeal means is that abortion is now a state matter.

At the end of the day, people vote on what’s most personal to them. For many people, those are things like gas prices, the rise in violent crime, and baby food shortages — the very issues Democrats don’t want anyone to think about. It’s hard to have an abortion on demand when you can’t even afford a full tank of gas.

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