accuses Beijing of air and naval blockade


Taiwanese defense officials have accused Beijing “invade” the island’s territorial waters and airspace, after China launched a series of “targeted military operations” in response to the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei.

Military officials in Taipei on Wednesday claimed that several exclusion zones around the island, where China plans to conduct live fire drills and other military exercises later this week, overlap with “Taiwan Territorial Area.” According to the Guardian, Taipei accused Beijing of violating “UN Rules” with what it claimed would amount to a de facto “blockade of Taiwan’s air and sea space”

Accusing Beijing of scam “psychological warfare against Taiwan and civilians”, Taipei promised “firmly defend national security” and to take its military readiness to the highest level, while adhering to the “principle of not asking for war.”

Pelosi arrived in Taipei late Tuesday, despite repeated warnings from Beijing against attempts to visit territory it considers integral to China.

“The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is on high alert and will launch a series of targeted military operations to counter this, resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely thwart external interference and separatist attempts at Taiwan’s independence,” Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said, without providing further details.

In a separate statement, China’s Eastern Theater Command announced joint military exercises off the coast of Taiwan, live firing in the Taiwan Strait and missile test launches in the sea east of Taiwan. According to a map shared by state media, the military exercises, which begin on Thursday after Pelosi’s departure, will take place in six major maritime areas and their airspace around Taiwan.

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