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HMS Prince of Wales’ propeller shaft was not properly lubricated, naval sources told the outlet

Human error may have caused Britain’s new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales to break down on Saturday, The Telegraph reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

According to the article, the naval officials who inspected the warship reached a preliminary conclusion as to the cause of the incident, which saw the ship come to a stop off the Isle of Wight.

The propeller shaft may have been damaged due to lack of lubrication,‘, the media outlet reported, citing its sources. The paper further claimed that the vital part could have been damaged by overheating caused by friction.

According to The Telegraph, the aircraft carrier may need to spend some time in dry dock for a thorough inspection and repairs, with a high-ranking defense source saying that each “significant damage to starboard axle“would turn out to be a”big problem to solve.

Rear Admiral Steve Moorhouse, the director of Force Generation, which is responsible for ensuring the Royal Navy’s ships are ready for deployment, acknowledged in a video statement that the Prince of Wales may not be ready in time to cross the Atlantic. sail to participate in scheduled exercises with the US Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the US Marine Corps.

After the initial assessment, it is likely that the outage will require repairs that could affect the ship’s schedule,‘ said the official.

comment on the “emerging mechanical problem” that happened to the warship just hours after it left for military exercises on August 27, the former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West described the situation as “extremely unhappy” and a “embarrassmentto Great Britain.

West told the media that “you would think they might have seen it if they did tests” that the propeller shaft was not properly lubricated.

The HMS Prince of Wales became fully operational last year and required £3.3 million in repairs after an earlier incident in 2020 in which water wreaked havoc on the electronics in the engine room.

During its two-year lifespan, the warship spent a total of 87 days at sea.

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