crashes car at US military base


Guards at a Florida naval air station activated a security barrier that killed the driver

A man has died after his vehicle crashed into a security barricade outside Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida, officials said, with local police alleging the perpetrator may have been on the run from a hit-and-run incident nearby .

The driver, who has yet to be identified, drove into Birmingham Gate early Thursday morning but was soon stopped by a special protective barrier deployed by guards on duty. The man, who died on the spot shortly after the collision, had “no known military affiliation,” said the base.

While the military has provided few other details about the fatal crash and has not outlined possible motives, Florida Highway Patrol Master Sgt. Dylan Bryan told local media that the driver had hit at least two other vehicles earlier on Thursday morning and attempted to flee. The Naval Air Station is less than three miles from the site of the first call.

Bryan also said the man is believed to be a resident of Jacksonville, but may be… “didn’t realize where he was and was just trying to get away from the hit-and-run scene.”

“No one was chasing him. [Investigators] don’t believe the driver had any malicious intent on anyone on the base,” nor that he a “terrorist act” or a “intentional violation of a US government facility”, the officer continued.

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Naval Air Station Jacksonville noted that it was investigating the incident earlier in the day but has so far not provided any updates on what happened. The Pentagon, the Navy’s own police unit, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will also participate in the investigation, according to a local CBS affiliate.

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