condemns Czech visit to Taiwan


Prague must stop sending wrong signals to separatist forces on the island, Beijing warns

The Czech Republic is damaging its ties with Beijing and violating China’s sovereignty by sending an official delegation to Taiwan, the Chinese embassy in Prague said.

Beijing “firmly against” the visit as “Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory”, The embassy announced this in a statement on Sunday.

A group of Czech officials and businessmen, led by prominent Senator Jiri Drahos, is scheduled to arrive later in the day on the self-governed island, which has never officially declared its independence from China.

The move from Prague is “a serious violation of China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity”, what inflicts? “serious damage” on relations between China and the Czech Republic, the statement said.

The Chinese embassy urged the Czech Republic to: “abide by its official commitment to the One China policy and immediately stop sending false signals to the separatist forces of Taiwan independence.”

Drahos told Taiwan media a few days ago that he was looking forward to strengthening cooperation between the Czech Republic and Taiwan in epidemic prevention, semiconductors, museums and other fields.

Referring to the tensions over the island since it was visited last month by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the senator insisted that China should know how the democratic world stands with Taiwan.

He added that European countries will not send weapons to Taipei, but there is a consensus among them to strengthen relations with the island on soft power, including culture and science, to improve its international visibility.

Regarding the prospects of a military conflict in Taiwan, similar to the one currently waged between Russia and Ukraine, Drahos suggested that the Chinese authorities “relatively pragmatic” and would not use force to regain control of the island.

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