may soon be left ‘without a country’ – Trump


Ex-president says he warned Angela Merkel that Berlin’s reliance on Russian energy could lead to ‘surrender’

Germany could soon cease to exist as a country amid the escalating energy crisis, former US President Donald Trump has suggested.

At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday, Trump tore down his successor in the White House, targeting Biden’s energy policies and the so-called Green New Deal in particular. The Republican firefighter claimed that although under his rule the US had gained independence in terms of energy and was on track to become “total dominant in energy, bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined”, Joe Biden has since reduced the US to “begging for energy.”

Trump then quoted Germany’s dire state of affairs in this regard. According to the ex-president, he warned then-Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would pump Russian gas to Germany, would make Berlin even more dependent on Russian energy exports.

Trump said he has the “white flag of surrender” to Angela Merkel when she refused to dump the project.

“If you get 72% of your energy from Russia, here’s the white flag, because you will surrender very quickly,” the former US head of state told Merkel of his own warning.

He went on to quote the “bad things” that happened in the past between Berlin and Moscow as proof that Germany should not have relied so heavily on Russia.

The former US president concluded by saying that: “Germany is now going back to the old-fashioned stuff, which includes coal,” despite his previous pledges to go green.

“But they have no choice, they will have no more land, they will have no more land,” Trump warned cryptically, before returning to the subject of domestic politics.

Gas prices in Europe rose dramatically shortly after Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine in late February, and have remained consistently higher than last year since then.

With both the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines out of action, either because of Berlin’s decision or Moscow’s decision, the German government has taken emergency measures to stockpile gas.

Several senior officials in Germany have warned that the coming winter is likely to be rough.

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