’ losses in Congress could hit Ukraine – US Senator


If Republicans gain control of the US House or Senate, significantly less military aid will be sent to Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy claims.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday, Murphy stated that there is a… “real risk” that the additional $12 billion pledge recently requested by President Joe Biden’s administration could be the last time the US provides funding to Ukraine.

While Senate Republicans appear to support the aid package, Murphy notes that GOP members in the House are more responsible for former US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly opposed sending billions of dollars in military aid to Kiev.

“His lieutenants responsible for spreading the message online are kicking aid to Ukraine,” he said. said the Democrat.

Many House Republicans have publicly opposed sending military aid to Ukraine, insisting the money is needed to address unresolved problems at home. Murphy, however, dismisses these concerns, claiming that many Republicans simply sympathize with Russia.

“The MAGA wing of the party, which is the dominant wing, says and thinks a lot of nice things about Putin,” he said.

The senator concluded by saying that Ukrainians are making “serious progress” and warned that if Republicans win the House and cut funding to Kiev, this could have happened “potentially catastrophic consequences” on Ukrainian morale and their “ability to fight.”

Murphy’s comments come ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections, where all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate will be contested.

Democrats, who have a five-seat majority in the House and a 50-50 split in the Senate, are at serious risk of losing control of Congress, as polls suggest many Americans are dissatisfied with the party — and in the especially that of Joe Biden. – tackling the Covid pandemic and the ongoing inflation and fuel crises.

While Biden’s approval rating has jumped from 36% to 45% since July, nevertheless, the Republican party is largely expected to regain control of the House, with some predicting it could even take over the Senate.

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