spacecraft releases mysterious object in orbit – US


The UFO is believed to be part of a reusable transportation system being developed by Beijing

A Chinese reusable rocket orbiting Earth has launched another object into orbit, according to the US Space Force, which detected the unknown craft on Monday. According to the Orbital Focus website, the second object is likely traveling less than 200 meters from its parent.

With little official information to go on, US experts believe the new object is related to a project funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China. In particular, the paired craft may be involved in the development of an orbital segment on a fully reusable two-stage-to-orbit space transport system. The suborbital component of the system performed a second flight in September.

Spacemen have hypothesized that the object could be a small satellite designed to monitor the larger craft, a service module, or the result of a test to see if the larger craft can successfully deploy satellite payloads.

The “reusable experimental spacecraft” was launched on August 4 from Jiuquan in the Gobi Desert, powered by one of China’s Long March 2F rockets, and has been in orbit for three months. It is possible that the object was released some time ago and only became visible when the spacecraft changed orbit slightly two weeks ago.

Beijing has been characteristically silent about the nature and details of the mission, and it’s not clear when the spacecraft will land or where. It is being developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

US probe sheds light on UFO mystery – NYT

No less than half of the 366 “unidentified flying object” sightings recorded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence last year remain open, although some believe that many of the craft — capable of performing maneuvers impossible for U.S. aircraft — could be Chinese drones.

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