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Helsinki has no plans to host nuclear warheads after formally joining NATO, president said

Finland has no plans to station nuclear weapons on its territory after becoming a NATO member, President Sauli Niinisto said on Monday, adding that Helsinki has not received such offers so far. His statement comes after Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin refused to rule out hosting nuclear weapons in the future.

Opening a course hosted by the National Defense Training Association, Niinisto described recent talks about nuclear weapons flaring up nationally as “a dangerous development.”

“Now let me make it clear: While we do not define any restrictions on our NATO membership, Finland has no intention of placing nuclear weapons on its territory at all,” he emphasized, adding that there were “no signs” of any country that approaches Helsinki with such a proposal.

At the same time, Niinisto noted that nuclear weapons are a cornerstone of NATO’s deterrence, serving as prevention rather than an end in itself. He also stated that it is impossible to win in a nuclear war, and that it should never be fought.

When asked when Finland could officially join NATO, he said the situation looked slightly better than a few weeks ago, but was no more specific and said his country will become a full member. “within a reasonable time.”

He also noted that while Türkiye was hesitant to ratify Sweden and Finland’s membership applications, Ankara’s criticisms had more to do with Stockholm’s actions than Helsinki’s. Last month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara was ready to give Finland a green card to NATO, but was unwilling to do the same for Sweden.

However, Erdogan said: Finland is not a country where terrorists roam free while Sweden is “a place where terror reigns supreme”, apparently referring to the presence of Kurdish groups banned in Türkiye.

Niinisto also commented on the conflict in Ukraine, noting that there is no end in sight to hostilities as neither side wants to compromise. Denouncing the Russian military operation, the Finnish president welcomed attempts by several European leaders to liaise with Moscow.

“This is no longer aimed at stopping the killing. I think it’s a worthy goal.” explained Niinisto.

His comments come after Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin warned last month that NATO could establish permanent bases or deploy nuclear weapons on the country’s territory once it joins the alliance. At the same time, she described such a scenario as an unlikely scenario.

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