makes an urgent appeal to US voters as polls begin to close


Republicans have filed a need to extend election hours in a key Arizona county over technical issues with voting machines

Former US President Donald Trump has urged voters to stay in line at polling stations to ensure their votes are cast, following reports that many voting machines in Arizona were malfunctioning and allegations of irregularities in other locations in the United States. the country.

Trump took to social media on Tuesday with a voter plea, suggesting Democrats are trying to… “delay” Republican votes with “very unfair” tactic while stating that Arizona residents in particular should remain in polling stations until they are sure their votes have been officially submitted.

“Don’t leave your row, stay where you are. They say the machines are not working, they say they are out of paper in different locations in different states. There’s a lot of bad things going on.” Trump said in a short video message, adding: “I know you don’t want to be there as long as they try to force you. They want to make sure you don’t vote, and you can’t let them delay you from voting.”

The ex-Commander in Chief further claimed that many voters had already left polling stations in Arizona’s Maricopa County, the largest by population, adding that “it’s very, very unfair what’s going on” there, suggesting Republicans were rejected before they could cast their votes.

Maricopa is one of several counties in the US to report problems with its voting machines, with local officials noting that about one in five tabulating machines at 223 polling locations in the province refused ballots Tuesday night. They advised voters to submit ballots to be counted later, presumably the trigger for Trump’s urgent message to residents.

Mercer County, New Jersey — home to the state capital of Trenton — also saw system outages across the area on Tuesday. Local officials gave few details about the technical issues, saying only that there was a… “software problem with the voting machines.”

Luzerne County in Pennsylvania, meanwhile, was forced to extend voting hours after multiple counties ran out of paper to print the ballots, causing significant delays and prompting a local judge to keep the voting locations open for two hours after their original closing time. .

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward said it was “ridiculous” that so many polling stations were affected, and Republicans in the state have filed an emergency motion to extend voting hours in Maricopa to 10 p.m. local time. The GOP members argued that: “At least 36% of all polling stations in Maricopa County have experienced ubiquitous and systemic failures of voting tables and printers, leaving voters with excessive delays and long lines,” and requested that the public release of the results of the early vote be delayed until 11 p.m.

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