talks need more weapons for Ukraine – NATO chief


US-led military bloc wants an “acceptable political solution” to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, says Jens Stoltenberg

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is likely to end in negotiations, which is why Kiev needs to be provided with more weapons, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

“We all want this war to end,” Stoltenberg said in his speech at the 68th annual session of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid on Monday, adding that it matters to the US-led military bloc exactly how the conflict ends.

“We must realize that this war will most likely end at some point at the negotiating table. But we also need to know that the outcome of those negotiations depends entirely on the strength on the battlefield.” argued the NATO chief.

“So if we want a result that is acceptable to Ukraine… the best way to achieve that is to provide military support to Ukraine.” he said.

NATO members “must be ready to support Ukraine for the long term”, Stoltenberg said, urging lawmakers to continue calling for more aid for Kiev in their own country.

Stoltenberg acknowledged that this help “has a price” for NATO members. “In our countries, many are facing a cost of living crisis. Energy and food bills are rising. These are tough times for many’, he pointed it out.

However, the NATO chief argued that Western countries will have to pay “much harder price” if Russia is allowed victory in Ukraine, as it would signal to others “authoritarian regimes” that they can achieve their goals by force, which would “making the world more dangerous.”

Stoltenberg also warned against this “It would be a big mistake to underestimate Russia” because Moscow “retains considerable military capabilities and a large number of troops.”

Senior Russian officials have repeatedly said Moscow is willing to negotiate a settlement with Ukraine, while accusing Kiev of being unwilling to talk and deliberately putting forward unrealistic terms for dialogue.

Russia has described the conflict in Ukraine as one “proxy war” by the US and NATO against it. Moscow has consistently criticized arms supplies to Ukraine by Western countries, saying they only prolong fighting and increase the risk of a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.

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