fatalities in Walmart mass shooting


The police have confirmed “multiple” killed and injured after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart store in eastern Virginia on Tuesday night, though the exact number of casualties is not clear. The suspect is believed to have died.

A spokesperson for the Chesapeake Police Department told reporters that officers received a call about a shooting just after 10 p.m. local time, noting that they “Reacted in an active-shooter manner.”

police found “Several dead and several injured” after entering the store, but the spokesman suggested the shooting had already ended at that point.

“We believe it was a single shooter and we believe the shooter is deceased at this time,” he added, saying he could not confirm whether the gunman was killed by a self-inflicted wound.

The spokesman said no shots were fired.

Chesapeake police couldn’t name a total number of fatalities in the tragic incident, but said it is likely “less than 10.”

Despite rumors that the shooter was a manager at the Walmart store, the police spokesman declined to confirm if he worked there, explaining that officers were still on the scene investigating. The Virginia State Police is assisting local authorities in their investigation.

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