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Christine Lambrecht had been repeatedly criticized for a series of recent blunders

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has accepted the resignation of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann confirmed on Monday. Lambrecht will continue to act on an acting basis pending the appointment of her successor.

The minister took the decision followingmonths of media attention [her] persona,according to her letter of resignation, as quoted by the German press. This attention”hardly allows factual coverage of the soldiers, the Bundeswehr, and the setting of a course for security policy in the interest of German citizens,she explained.

Lambrecht added that the “valuable work” of military personnel and “many motivated peopleshould take center stage instead.

The minister’s critics had maintained for some time that she had not developed a genuine interest in the military and had not shown the level of leadership required for the position of defense secretary.

The official’s reputation was further damaged when she posted a New Year’s Eve address to Instagram, saying the conflict in Ukraine had given her a lot.special impressions” and allowed her to meet many “interesting and great people.In the video, her words were repeatedly drowned out by the sound of fireworks in the background.

Critics were quick to pan Lambrecht’s speech as “embarrassing” and “inappropriate.

Others criticized her for a lack of enthusiasm for the continued supply of German-made heavy weapons to Ukraine.

However, Chancellor Scholz had only supported Lambrecht last month, when he described her as a “first class defense minister.

Reports appeared in the German newspapers SZ and Bild on Friday suggesting that the minister would resign in the coming days. The two outlets, citing sources close to the politician, claimed that Lambrecht had already discussed her decision with Scholz at the time.

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