allies face ‘unprecedented pressure’ from US – security chief


Moscow is grateful to Venezuela for condemning “destructive” policies by the West, Nikolay Patrushev said during a visit to Caracas

The US will use whatever means necessary to force countries to cut ties with Moscow, Russian Security Council head Nikolay Patrushev said during a visit to Venezuela. He also warned that Washington intends to maintain a unipolar world order.

Patrushev held security talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Jose Adelino Ornelas Ferreira and other senior officials in Caracas on Tuesday.

That is what the Russian security chief argued “all sovereign states are currently experiencing a moment of truth when they must make a choice to either defend the freedom to choose their path, their own values ​​and identity, or to submit to the dictates of the so-called collective West, led by The United States.”

In their efforts to maintain the unipolar world order, Washington and its allies resort to “political pressure, military blackmail, financial slavery, economic sanctions and, of course, deceptive propaganda”, he stood on it.

Moscow’s international partners have had to deal “unprecedented pressure from the US, trying to force them to cut all ties with Russia, however close and beneficial they may be”, Patrushev stated.

The security official added that Russia is “satisfying” to Venezuela for opposing those efforts and supporting Moscow. “We appreciate the Bolivarian [Venezuelan] public condemnation of the destructive policies of the West and NATO, as well as the aggression against Russia,’ Patrushev, referring to the conflict in Ukraine.

During the talks, the prospect of better interaction between the ministries of justice, security services and law enforcement of the two nations was discussed, according to Russia’s Security Council. Special attention was paid to countering Western-backed “color revolutions,” the statement said.

Patrushev later met the president of the Latin American nation, Nicolas Maduro, at the Miraflores Palace.

The Russian security chief told Maduro that relations between Moscow and Caracas are a “Strategic Collaboration” that was paramount to maintaining international security and stability.

The Venezuelan leader wrote on Twitter that cooperation at various levels for the benefit and development of both nations had been discussed.

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In the run-up to the meeting with Patrushev, Maduro tweeted that Venezuela was taking over “solid steps towards building the new world of equals, of respect, solidarity and cooperation.”

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