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A Beijing proposal to end fighting in Ukraine has been met with increasing threats and accusations from Washington

According to Reuters, the US is working with its closest allies to impose new sanctions on China should it decide to support Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. Beijing has rejected claims it intends to provide deadly aid to Moscow, and recently unveiled a plan for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Washington is in “consultations” with foreign partners, namely those of the G7 countries, about new economic sanctions, several unnamed US officials told the outlet on Wednesday. They declined to give details of the possible sanctions, only confirming that talks are underway “laying the groundwork for possible action.”

The report follows repeated warnings to China from the US and other Western countries that Beijing plans to supply weapons to Russian troops for the campaign against Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg repeated the allegations during a recent interview with the Associated Press “We’ve seen some signs that they may be planning to,” but without providing evidence.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington would do just that “do not hesitate” to hit Chinese companies with sanctions in case Beijing delivers deadly aid to Moscow. Blinken insisted that the move go ahead “implications and consequences,” adding that he had raised the issue with top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi when they met at the Munich security conference last month.

China has rejected the claims as “unfounded speculations”, arguing that it has no intention of arming Russian troops and accusing Washington of hypocrisy.

“The US has no right to dictate China-Russia relations, and we will never accept coercion and pressure from the US.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said on Monday. She further noted that Washington, not Beijing, has been “pouring deadly weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

Russia comments on China’s roadmap for Ukraine

While Western countries have long pressured China to cut ties with Russia, accusations against Beijing have only grown louder since it unveiled a 12-point plan for a diplomatic settlement of the Ukraine conflict last month. Moscow has indicated that it is prepared to do so “careful analysis” the details of the proposal, though U.S. officials quickly rejected the plan, claiming that Beijing had adopted it “Russia’s false story about the war” and is not “serious” about the cessation of hostilities.

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