‘Join forces’ for a peaceful, prosperous continent, urges UN chief on Africa Industrialization Day


On Sunday, the UN chief called on everyone to “join forces to build a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous continent for all”.

On Africa Industrialization Day, Sunday, the UN chief urged everyone to “join forces to build a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous continent for all.”

In his message commemorating the day, Secretary-General António Guterres warned that countries across Africa are facing “a perfect storm”.

He mentioned armed conflict; increasing food and energy insecurity; “skyrocketing” inflation and debt; shrinking fiscal space; and increasing climate disasters.

But despite these challenges, the top UN official recalled that Africa contains some of the world’s fastest growing economies with the potential to lead the global energy transition.

Utilize potential

To promote inclusive, resilient and sustainable industrial development in Africa, he explained that multilateral cooperation is needed – along with strengthened public-private partnerships.

“A new financial architecture with better access to finance and a lower cost of capital is key to unlocking investment at scale,” the secretary-general noted.

He stressed the need to “work collectively” to boost entrepreneurship, harness the potential of new technologies, expand opportunities for youth, women and girls, build climate resilience and promote competitiveness and trade.

In addition, he continued, “we must also work together to achieve the goals of the African Continental Free Trade Area, the African Union’s 2063 Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

Inclusive growth

Industrial development is crucial for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in African countries, the UN emphasized.

By introducing new equipment and new techniques, the industry can increase productivity, expand the capabilities of the workforce and create employment opportunities.

And with strong links to domestic economies, industrialization will push African countries to achieve high growth rates, diversify their economies and reduce their exposure to external shocks, substantially contributing to poverty eradication through job creation and of prosperity.

Africa industrialization drive

The United Nations Industrial Development Agency (UNIDO) drew attention to the African Union Summit on Africa’s Industrialization and Economic Diversification, which kicked off Sunday and runs through Friday.

The summit aims to gather the political momentum, resources, partnerships and alliances for an Africa industrialization drive.

This coincides with the continent’s determination to implement structural transformation by leveraging Africa’s rich and diverse natural resources, while at the same time accelerating advances in technologies, continental and global geo-socio-political trends and the emergence of tradable embraces services.

“Supporting industrialization with strong links to domestic economies will help African countries achieve high growth rates, diversify their economies, reduce food insecurity and reduce their exposure to external shocks,” said Angela Lusigi, UN Development Program (UNDP) Representative. ) in Ghana, on Twitter. .

Designating the day

In the context of the Second Decade of Industrial Development for Africa – from 1991 to 2000 – the General Assembly declared 20 November “Africa Industrialization Day”.

Since then, the UN system has held events around the world on that day to raise awareness about the importance of Africa’s industrialization and the challenges facing the continent.

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