“Just like in 1945, the victory will be ours”: Putin


Under Putin, Russia has justified its offensive in Ukraine. (FILE)


Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Sunday that “just like in 1945, the victory will be ours” when he congratulated the former Soviet countries on the 77th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat in World War II.

“Today our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting side by side to free their homeland from the Nazi garbage, confident that, as in 1945, the victory will be ours,” Putin said. February sent Russian troops to Ukraine. †

“Today it is our common duty to prevent the rebirth of Nazism, which has caused so much suffering among the peoples of different countries,” Putin said. He added that he hoped that “new generations will be worthy of the memory of their fathers and grandfathers”.

Putin also frequently referred to soldiers, as well as civilians on the “home front…who destroyed Nazism at the cost of countless sacrifices”.

“Unfortunately, Nazism is resurfacing today,” accused Putin, who has insisted that Ukraine is in the grip of fascism and poses a threat to Russia and the Russian-speaking minority in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow claims to be “liberating”.

“It is our sacred duty to stop the ideological successors of those defeated” in World War II, which Moscow calls “the Great Patriotic War,” Putin said, urging the Russians to “get revenge.”

He also said he wished “all the inhabitants of Ukraine a peaceful and just future”.

On Monday, Moscow will officially commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany with a gigantic military parade.

Under Putin, Russia has justified its offensive in Ukraine, launched on February 24, as a “special operation” to “demilitarize” and “de-nazify” its neighbour, a former Soviet republic that gained independence in 1991.

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