“Looks Like A Bowl”: Dance Floor Caverns During Prom in the US


The students said they had fun. (Representative photo)

Firefighters were called to a prom in the United States, Ohio after the hall floor collapsed as students danced. NBC4† The Wigwam event center section is still closed after the dance floor partially collapsed on Saturday night, the report said.

School administrators expressed relief that no one was injured in the incident.

The event center said in a Facebook post that an “unforeseen structural issue” caused the Pickerington North High School prom to be moved outside to a tent on May 7. “The safety of our guests is always our top concern and we appreciate the cooperation of every student and guest here tonight,” said Saturday’s Facebook post.

Construction engineers and contractors began assessing the damage on Monday.

“We’re getting the right people here to give us the right instructions, so it’s done better than it was, and nobody needs to be scared here,” said Terry Dunlap, a Violet Township trustee who bought the center in 2018.

The fire brigade spoke to local publication WDTN, and said during the prom, the north side of the lodge’s dance floor saw structural degradation and floorboards collapse. However, it did not clarify why the collapse occurred.

Assistant fire chief Jim Paxton said the dance floor “looks like a 25-foot wide bowl.” “Where the subfloor is intact, the carpet still holds it, but the substructure underneath is what’s breaking down, so it looks like a big plunge into the floor where the dance floor was,” he said. WDTN

Meanwhile, the students said they were having a good time. “We kept dancing. We had a dance circle there and it was pretty fun, but everyone left not too long after that,” Pickerington North told senior Raydn Allbaugh. WDTN

According to the Facebook page, the Wigwam center features a banquet hall that can accommodate approximately 500 people and a 303 seat theater.

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