Police deal with ‘disturbance’ of armed detainees at London immigration center | CNN



Police were deployed to an immigration center near London on Saturday after what they called a ‘disruption’.

Inmates at the facility had armed themselves with knives and pieces of wood, CNN has learned.

A spokesman for the UK Home Office told CNN on Saturday that there had been a power outage at the Harmondsworth Immigration Center “and work is currently underway to resolve this issue.”

They added: “The well-being and safety of staff and persons detained in Harmondsworth is our number one priority.”

Officers arrived at the Harmondsworth facility Friday night to “provide support to personnel dealing with outage” and will remain there as of Saturday morning, a spokesman for the city’s Metropolitan Police told CNN.

There are no reported injuries from the site, CNN has learned.

It comes as the UK’s Home Office is under fire for its treatment of migrants and asylum seekers, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling for an “urgent review”.

A separate incident in which a man threw “raw firebombs” at the Western Jet Foil Home immigration center in the southern English port city of Dover last Sunday was motivated by extremism, police said.

Britain’s counter-terrorist police (CTPSE) said in a statement on Saturday that the attack was motivated by a “terrorist ideology”.

“Having reviewed the evidence gathered so far in this case, although there is strong evidence that mental health was likely a factor, I am convinced that the defendant’s actions were primarily driven by an extremist ideology. This meets the threshold for a terrorist incident,” said Tim Jacques, Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing.

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