Port Development Chabahar To Boost India-Iran Relations: President Of Iran


Prime Minister Modi, Iranian President Raisi, has held bilateral talks in Samarkand. (File)


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called India-Iran relations “friendly and cordial” and said the transit route between Chabahar and Central Asia could help both countries strengthen the ground for cooperation.

“Using existing capacities in the oil and gas industry, transportation and in particular the Chabahar-Central Asia transit route, as well as cooperation on regional and international issues of concern and common provide suitable basis for improving the level of relations and expanding grounds for cooperation between the two countries,” the Iranian ministry said in a statement.

President Raisi met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where he described developing interactions with the country as one of Iran’s foreign policy priorities.

“Indian independent figures, such as Mahatma Gandhi, who have resisted arrogance are always respected by the Iranian nation,” he said, referring to historical, cultural and civilizational commonalities between the two countries.

Referring to Iran’s progress in various scientific and industrial fields, President Raisi emphasized: “Cruel sanctions could not interrupt the progress of the Iranian nation”.

At the side meeting, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the key role and importance of the Port of Chabahar in the transportation of goods in the region. “The development of this port will contribute to the economic development of the countries in the region,” he said.

The Prime Minister of India also mentioned the two countries’ common positions on developments in Afghanistan and called for continued international and regional cooperation in Tehran-Delhi in this area.

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