Previously invisible photo of Queen Elizabeth released after state funeral


The photo of Queen Elizabeth was taken in Balmoral.

The royal family released a never-before-seen photo of Queen Elizabeth II after her private funeral on Monday. The photo was taken in Balmoral, believed to be her favorite spot in the UK, in 1971, according to Independent. The Queen died on September 8 and her state funeral took place at Westminster Abbey. About a quarter of a million people queued 24 hours a day to view Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin as it lay in state, the British government said Tuesday, a day after the extended state funeral.

The Queen’s photo has been shared by the Royal Family on its Twitter handle with a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “May flights of angels sing to you at your rest.”

“In loving memory of Her Majesty the Queen. 1926 – 2022,” the tweet read.

The funeral service was attended by only close relatives and was led by the Dean of Windsor.

After a public holiday for the funeral, political and business life resumed on Tuesday and workers were busy clearing the rubble left behind by an estimated more than a million people who lined the streets of London.

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But King Charles III and the royal family will remain in mourning for another seven days, meaning there will be no official appointments.

The Queen’s casket was on display in Parliament’s Westminster Hall from Wednesday to early Monday, and the wait for public mourners reached 25 hours at one point.

Culture Minister Michelle Donelan said her government department was still “crunching the numbers”, but believed that a total of about 250,000 people had passed through the hall.

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