Reconciliation almost impossible for Prince Harry and royal family


Prince Harry’s book “Spare” went on sale on Tuesday. (File)

London, United Kingdom:

Prince Harry claims he had no intention of harming the British royal family with his autobiography, but reconciliation now seems impossible after he painted a critical picture of his relatives and settled decades-old scores.

“I would like my father back. I would like my brother back,” he said in an interview with British channel ITV ahead of Tuesday’s publication of his memoir “Spare”, adding that he was “100 per cent” convinced of a reconciliation. can happen.

But no one, including Harry, has been spared in the drama surrounding the book’s release.

In the memoir, Harry admits that his adolescence was marked by drugs and alcohol and his decision to publicly reveal his family’s secrets has seen his popularity plummet in his home country.

Much ink is also spilled attacking his father, King Charles III, brother William, stepmother and now queen consort Camilla and his sister-in-law Kate.

Charles will be crowned on May 6, but “I don’t really see how” a family reconciliation is possible, Pauline Maclaran, a professor at London’s Royal Holloway University and author of a book on the monarchy, told AFP.

“He’s brought out so many things that are clearly offensive to members of his family, personal details that many people argue he didn’t need to convey,” she said.

“If he had any empathy or even compassion, which is supposed to be the foundation of the Archewell foundation (created by Harry and his wife Meghan Markle), that’s kind of been lost in all of this,” she added.

Harry tells how his father did not hug him when he broke the news of his mother Diana’s death, when the prince was only 12 years old, but left him alone in his room.

The King was “not cut out” to be a single parent, Harry claims.

William the ‘Arch Enemy’

But most of his vengeance is reserved for his “beloved brother, my nemesis” William.

Presented as crabby, Harry claims William never gave his wife Meghan a chance as he found her “rude and abrasive”.

Matters came to a head during an argument in 2019 in which Harry claims his brother threw him to the ground and smashed a dog bowl.

Harry also describes a lifelong rivalry between William “the heir” and himself, “the reserve”, exposing the brutal realities of the royal hierarchy.

He also accuses his stepmother Camilla, demonized for years by the tabloid press but now relatively popular, of playing the “long game” and running “a campaign aimed at marriage and eventually the Crown”.

Within the pages of the book lie big and small secrets.

We learn that during their first meeting, Queen Elizabeth II asked Meghan what she thought of Donald Trump, then a candidate for the White House.

Harry reveals that after moving out of Clarence House, a royal residence in London, Camilla converted his room into a dressing room, which he took offense to.

The prince said he learned of his grandmother Elizabeth II’s death on the BBC website in September, and that he had only traveled to Scotland to be by her side, as he had not been told his relatives had gone on a private plane .

Family ‘Divide’

Harry admitted he hadn’t spoken to his brother and father “in a while” and ruled out going back to work for the royal family.

Likewise, he declined to say whether he would attend his father’s coronation.

“The gap couldn’t be bigger before this book,” he said.

The list of acknowledgments takes up two full pages at the end of his memoir, but no member of the royal family is mentioned.

Instead, he credits “all the professionals, medical experts, and coaches who have kept me physically and mentally strong over the years.”

His reliance on professionals has led the King, Camilla and William to believe that Harry has been “kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy”, and therefore all attempts at reconciliation will fail, according to royal sources quoted by The Independent newspaper.

British tabloid The Sun also said he crossed “a red line” in going after Camilla.

Buckingham Palace has reacted with a stony silence to the publication of his memoirs, as well as to the highly critical documentary that appeared on Netflix last month.

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