Retail prices of tomatoes skyrocket to Rs 77 per kg in metro cities excluding Delhi


Excluding Delhi, retail tomato prices shot up to Rs 77 per kg in other metro cities on Wednesday from more than a month ago, due to a likely tight supply of the raw material, according to government data.

According to the data kept by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the selling price of tomato in Kolkata rose to Rs 77 per kg on June 1, from Rs 25 per kg on April 30.
Also in Mumbai, the retail price of tomatoes rose to Rs 74 per kg on June 1 from Rs 36 per kg on May 1, while in Chennai it rose to Rs 62 per kg from Rs 47 per kg in the said period, data shows .

However, in Delhi, the retail price for tomatoes was Rs 39 per kg, as against Rs 30 per kg in the said period.

Retail prices of tomatoes were over Rs 100 per kg on Wednesday in four cities – Port Blair, Shillong, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta.

Retail prices in the main producing states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharasthra – have risen significantly, ranging between Rs 50 and Rs 100 per kg in several cities, according to the data.

Traders and experts attributed the surge in retail prices to likely supply shortages from key growing states such as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
The average retail price of tomatoes across India rose more than 77 percent on Wednesday to Rs 52.30 per kg, from Rs 29.5 per kg in the same period a month ago.

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