Selfie-taking tourist loses phone on top of Vesuvius, falls into crater while retrieving


A photo of the crater of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy. (AFP file)

An American tourist survived a fall into the crater of Mount Vesuvius, Italy’s famous volcano, while rushing to retrieve his phone. The Washington Post said in a report. The incident took place on Saturday, when the 23-year-old was hiking the volcano with his family, the outlet said. The family had taken a forbidden trail, Naples police told local media.

The man has been identified by NBC News as Philip Carroll.

The After said when the man and his family reached the top of the 4,000-foot volcano, they decided to celebrate the occasion by clicking a selfie. As he clicked on the selfie, the phone slipped from his hand and fell into a crater.

He then descended into the crater in an attempt to recover his phone, but fell several meters after losing his balance. the guard said in his report.

Local guides rushed to the crime scene after seeing Mr Carroll fall into the crater. They climbed down the steep cliff to pull the man out. Police, who also attended the scene, deployed a helicopter to assist in the rescue operation.

“A tourist this morning for reasons to be determined … together with his family they ventured on a forbidden path, arrived on the rim of the crater and fell into the mouth of #Vesuvius,” said Gennaro Lametta, an official from the government for tourism. said on Facebook, according to Google’s translation of the post in Italian.

Mr. Carroll suffered minor injuries to his arms and back.

The tourist and his relatives have been charged by local police with trespassing on public land, The Guardian said in its report. The group, who reportedly ventured to the volcano without tickets, took a trail clearly marked off limits because it was extremely dangerous, it added.

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