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COLOMBO: Often described as a China-built “white elephant,” Sri Lanka’s 350-foot-tall Lotus Tower, built at a cost of $113 million, opened to visitors in the city center on Thursday. Colombo.
The huge green and purple communications tower is one of several ‘white elephants’ projects built with Chinese loans under Mahinda Rajapaksa, the deposed president’s brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa who had to flee in July after months of protests against the severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka.
The tower, also known as the tallest structure in South Asia, was built at a cost of $113 million and 80 percent of the funding came from China’s Exim Bank.
Construction began in 2012 and has been plagued by corruption claims ever since.
“The tower is now open to the public and visitors are allowed to enter the observation deck and revolving restaurant,” Prasad said. Samarasinghesaid the CEO of the state-owned company.
A 200 rupee ticket would allow 20 minutes of sightseeing on the 29th floor observation deck. Most of the features and activities on the tower are not yet fully functional.
“It will take at least another three months for the tower to be fully functional,” Samarasinghe said.
The revolving restaurant on the 27th floor uses roller-based technology, giving diners a 360-degree view of the city of Colombo.
The tower building is leased to potential business partners for trade and services.

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