‘Thought I was gone’: Stampede at US boxing match over rumors of active gunmen


The incident took place during a boxing match at the Barclays Centre. (unsplash)

Sixteen people were injured at New York’s Barclays Center on Sunday after loud noises sparked rumors of an active gunman. The incident took place on Sunday as the crowd gathered in the arena for a boxing match.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka was among those gathered at the Barclays Center and tweeted about her harrowing experience.

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According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), the stampede happened around 1:05 a.m., when a boxing match between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero nearly ended. The hill reported.

An NYPD spokesperson said there was shouting about a gunshot, with the crowd “trying to flee everywhere,” The Hill said in the report.

“After investigating the incident at the Barclays Center this morning, we have determined that no shots were fired,” the 78th Precinct of the NYPD, which serves the Park Slope portion of Brooklyn, said in a statement. tweet on Sunday.

The source of the noise is still unclear, an NYPD spokesperson later said CNN

Osaka, who was watching the match, tweeted that she was “petrified” when she saw the commotion.

“I had just arrived at the Barclays center and suddenly I heard screams and saw people running, then we were shouted at that there was an active gunman and we had to crawl into a room and close the doors,” she said in the statement. Twitter post

Later, in a detailed statement, the four-time Grand Slam tennis champion said: “I was lucky enough to have a guard with me and I can’t imagine navigating that situation on my own, let alone am a child and it is not a false alarm.”

Amanjot Kaur, one of those injured in the incident, said: The New York Times that she heard “pop-pop” noises as she left the Barclays Center and that someone yelled for a gunman with a gun.

She was knocked to the ground and trampled. “I thought I was gone,” she told the… NYT

The incident happened less than a week after an 18-year-old killed 21 people, including 19 children, when he opened fire on Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. It was one of the worst mass shootings in the US in the past decade and revived the debate about having strict gun laws.

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