Throwing away tie to save energy – Spanish Prime Minister


Pedro Sanchez’s call comes after his government sets air conditioners at 27 degrees Celsius

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Friday that he had stopped wearing a tie to save energy and urged ministers to follow suit.

Sanchez appeared at a press conference devoted to the government’s energy-saving plans, dressed in a white shirt, unbuttoned at the top, and a blue jacket.

He made it a point to mention his less official appearance, saying: “I don’t wear a tie, which means we can all save from an energy point of view and I have asked all ministers and all civil servants to do the same.

He urged private companies to allow their staff to work tirelessly,”as long as it is possible,“adding that in this way the whole nation” “will save.” Saving energy is a national priority, according to Sanchez, as it helps reduce dependence on Russia and “bend the inflation curve.”

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Sanchez didn’t elaborate on how exactly forgoing a draw saves energy, but his move came a few days after the Department of Environmental Transition recommended that air conditioners be set to 27 degrees Celsius — significantly higher than people normally set, especially during Spanish heat waves, when the air temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

If you combine it with a fan, you halve the electricity consumption,the ministry said.

The Sanchez government is expected to approve its energy conservation program on August 1.

By doing so, it will join other European governments taking similar measures amid a nascent energy crisis, exacerbated by a decline in Russia’s natural gas supply.

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