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LONDON: A new survey of Conservative Party members, who will vote to elect the new Tory leader to succeed Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister, on Wednesday shows Foreign Secretary’s lead widening Liz Truss about Rishi Sunak in the leaders match.
A YouGov poll for “The Times” conducted over the past five days found that Truss’ lead over Sunak has grown to 38 points, with the Little cupboard minister who currently holds 69 percent of the vote, to the former British Indian Chancelloris 31 percent.
These figures were 62 percent and 38 percent respectively in the previous YouGov poll on July 20, at the end of the first knockout stage of the leadership contest.
“At the beginning of the campaign’s membership phase, 21 percent of Tory members were either unsure how they would vote or pledged not to. That figure has since fallen to 13 percent, with Truss seemingly the largest beneficiary,” YouGov said of the latest figures.
Worse for Sunak, few supporters of his opponent seem to be able to be convinced to join him. Fully 83 percent of those who currently say they plan to vote for Truss say they have made up their mind on the matter; only 17 percent say they can still change their mind,” it notes.
“Since our first poll of Conservative Party membership for this leadership election, it has become clear that Rishi Sunak faces an uphill battle,” it adds.
According to The Times, about 60 percent of party members say they will vote for Truss, while 26 percent support Sunak and the rest are undecided or say they will not vote.
The poll shows that Truss Sunak is ahead of all age groups, in different parts of the country, and among men and women.
The only category where former Chancellor Truss beats is that of the Tories who supported Remain in the 2016 European Union (EU) referendum. Ironically, it was Sunak who supported Brexit while Truss campaigned for the Remain camp.
The inquiry also found widespread resentment among party members over how Boris Johnson was evicted from 10 Downing Street and suggests the outgoing prime minister would easily beat both candidates if he were on the ballot.
The investigation follows a private poll on Tuesday that showed Sunak closed the gap to overtake his rival.
However, the latest YouGov poll of more than 1,000 registered Tory members suggests Sunak may be running out of time to gain support, as 45 percent of those polled said they would vote as soon as they received their ballots, and another 27 percent said they would vote “shortly after.”
The ballots will be sent out later this week after a slight delay due to hacking concerns and the deadline for member receipt has been set for next Thursday.
Meanwhile, Sunak hopes to win more votes with a series of talks with Tory members in the UK.


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