UN and partners launch #LetMeLearn campaign ahead of key education summit


“Education is in crisis all over the world,” Secretary-General António Guterres warned, pointing out that the crisis in classrooms “slow burning and often unseen”, but with “far-reaching consequences for individuals, societies and our collective future.”

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Moved by the disruption caused by the pandemic, hundreds of millions of children and young people are still out of school. Many of those in school do not learn the basic skills they need as citizens and participants in society.

Many more are questioning the relevance of their education systems and curricula to today’s world.

A worldwide survey, commissioned by Theirworld, shows: more than two-thirds of the young people surveyed believe that leaders betray their promise provide quality education.

The launch of the The #LetMeLearn campaign aims to build momentum towards the Transforming Education Summit the Secretary General will meet on September 19 to outline a new vision for education that equips students of all ages and backgrounds with the skills, knowledge and values ​​they need to thrive.

World leaders will decide what action to take to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education).

Need for National Leadership

The UN chief said the campaign was “to ensure that world leaders attending the summit pay attention to the voices and opinions of students. Through this campaign, the diverse experiences and views of young people and lifelong learners will feed into the discussions everywheredecisions and results of the top.”

Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, describes the historic summit as: “The COP26 Moment of Global Education – One Last Chance for Action to Prevent an Education Catastrophe” for a generation of young people directly affected by the pandemic, climate crisis, conflict and many other challenges.

Crisis of ‘quality and relevance’: Theirworld

Theirworld president Justin van Fleet said the decisions that will be made by world leaders at the Transforming Education Summit next month, “will impact the lives of hundreds of millions of children around the world and reverberate through every community in the world. planet.”

“Global education is facing a crisis of equity, quality and relevance. Currently, education is a privilege, not a right, and children are denied it because of factors beyond their control at birth,” he said.

“It is time for world leaders to listen to young people and take action today. Time is running out and doing nothing is not an option.”

Organizations and individuals can participate in the campaign by creating and sharing short videos in the coming weeks.

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