US woman who stabbed pregnant girlfriend, cut off her fetus, sentenced to death


The Texas woman couldn’t get pregnant after a hysterectomy. (Representative photo)

A Texas woman who killed a pregnant woman and plucked out her unborn baby was sentenced to death on Wednesday New York Post said in a report. Taylor Rene Parker, 29, was found guilty of the murder and sentenced on October 3. She stabbed Reagan Simmons Hancock, 21, in October 2020 in an attempt to steal her unborn baby. The girl had died after the brutal attack. The jail term was handed down by a six-member jury in Bowie County.

Texarkana Gazettea local publication said it took the jury an hour and 15 minutes to reach their verdict.

“You have been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death by Texas law. I formally sentence you to death,” Judge John Tidwell told Parker after receiving the jury’s verdict.

In an impact statement just before the judges began deliberating, Mrs. Hancock’s sister told Parker what she had taken from her.

“My only biological sister. You have to understand what you took from me and my family. Stop celebrating her birthday. I was barely 19 when I got the call that my sister was gone,” she said in the statement. New York Post.

“She will never be my bridesmaid. When I visit my sister, I have to go to a cemetery and see a headstone. I will never get a text or call from her again,” she went on to share her emotions in the statement.

Hancock’s mother, Jessica Brooks, called Parker a “bad piece of meat demon”.

Parker committed this heinous crime of presenting Mrs. Hancock’s baby as her own. During the trial, prosecutors said Parker spent months disguising herself to appear pregnant in front of her boyfriend and posting on social media about her fake physical condition while searching for a possible victim. She couldn’t get pregnant after a hysterectomy.

Prosecutors said Parker staged the ruse to trick her boyfriend into thinking she was carrying his child because she feared losing the man.

On October 9, 2020, she went to the home of Mrs. Hancock, a friend of hers who was in the late stages of her pregnancy, and stabbed her more than 100 times. Parker then cut the fetus out of her, let the woman’s three-year-old child sleep in another room, and fled the crime scene, prosecutors said.

Parker drove the baby, but was stopped by the police. She said she had just given birth. The baby was rushed to a hospital but died.

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