Viral video: US cops rescue woman trapped in car during flood


The photo shows officials being rescued from floodwaters in Arizona, United States.

A video of a woman being rescued when her car got stuck in floodwaters in Arizona, United States, has gone viral on social media.

A thread was shared by the AJ Police Department on Twitter on July 30 with the caption: “On July 28, 2022, Apache Junction Police responded to 24 different calls for flood-related assistance. The incident you will see in this AJPD officer’s body The camera is from a rescue of a motorist stranded in Weekes Wash.”

The video shows a police officer trying to talk to the driver trapped in the red-colored car that is stuck in the floodwater. During the rescue operation, officials hear the woman urge to go outside. They also see that they take a yellow hose and wrap it around the vehicle to prevent it from being washed away by the strong water current.

As she is taken outside, the woman yells to warn officials of a dog in the car. Authorities searched for the dog to rescue him as well, but were unsuccessful.

“The vehicle occupant was rescued, but unfortunately her dog was never found. Two officers, a detention officer and a Mesa firefighter participated in this rescue. We would also like to thank the citizen who provided a tow tire. We are deeply saddened that while we were able to rescue the driver, we were unable to retrieve her dog,” the department said in another tweet.

Family and friends were still looking for the precious pet but have not yet found it.

The police also thanked the other departments for their help in keeping the community safe during these extreme weather events and instructed the public on safety precautions during the monsoon and avoiding driving on flooded roads.

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