Watch: car swings through traffic at high speed, collides with vehicles


The driver braked when he was late.

Road safety is a top priority while driving and various police organizations keep posting on social media about speed limit compliance, lane discipline and other matters. But some people are always in a hurry and their ignorance proves precious to others on the road.

Like the video of a fast car winding through traffic and crashing into other vehicles.

The accident took place on New York’s Grand Central Parkway and the footage was captured by a dashcam installed in a car traveling on the same road. It was posted online by ViralHog.

As the video begins, it shows the normal flow of traffic on the New York road. The car capturing the footage has dashcams on both the front and rear windows.

Suddenly a car is seen past the vehicle recording the footage and swerves just in front of it. The driver appears to be braking because it was already too late by then. The driver hits two other vehicles in the front while trying to navigate through them and turns 180 degrees.

After the accident, traffic comes to a standstill. The zoomed-in video shows the high-speed car and another vehicle heavily damaged.

Another such scary video gained attention on social media on Wednesday, showing a pickup truck full of people swinging at an intersection in Telangana. The loading dock came loose and all passengers were thrown onto the road. None of the passengers appeared to be seriously injured as they quickly rose to their feet.

The video of the incident was shared by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), director VC Sajjanar.

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