“Welcome baby Wilfred”: UK Zoo shares adorable video of newborn giraffe calf


The six-foot-tall baby giraffe is named after Wilfred Owen

A video of a newborn giraffe calf shared by a UK zoo has gone viral on social media. Born on Remembrance Day, November 11, the six-foot-tall baby giraffe is named after Wilfred Owen, a prominent World War I poet. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the largest in the UK, has released some adorable behind-the-scenes videos of their latest addition. The images show how the newborn giraffe curiously observes its surroundings and enjoys its first feed.

In a video shared Nov. 22, the zoo wrote, “Sneak peek: See footage of our towering new arrival, Wilfred. You might be lucky enough to see him during the holiday season. Born on Remembrance Day, the giraffe calf has his name got after famed WWI poet Wilfred Owen We’ll be giving him some quiet time over the next week with Mama Luna and Papa Bashu in their backstage shed, but they’ll soon join the rest of the tight-knit group, family herd who will teach him all the essential skills he needs to learn.”

Watch the video here:

One of the users commented on the heartwarming video, writing, “Welcome to the world, little Wilfred.” Absolutely gorgeous.”

The zoo said keepers celebrated the arrival as “an essential addition to the international breeding program for the conservation of reticulated giraffes, a species considered endangered.”

Interestingly, giraffes give birth standing up, meaning young animals are welcomed into the world with a two-meter drop to the ground. Wilfred took his first steps within an hour of birth and immediately started suckling with loving mother Luna.

“Wilfred is Luna’s third calf and she has been a wonderful, attentive mother as always, alongside father Bashu, who has also been very caring – bending over to lick and clean the calf,” deputy team leader Michael Hepher said on the website. of the zoo. .

“We’ll be giving mom, dad and calf some rest in their shed behind the scenes for the next week, but they’ll soon be joining Grandma Ijuma, sister Nuru and the rest of the close-knit family herd. We’ll be showing him all the vital skills of giraffes.” that he must learn,” said Mr. Hepher.

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