World Heritage Day: everything you need to know about this day


World Heritage Day: The theme for 2022 is Heritage and Climate. (File)

The International Day of Monuments and Sites is celebrated worldwide on April 18 every year to promote culture and heritage. World Heritage Day is another name for it. The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), based in Paris, is the driving force behind this global event.

The aim is to encourage local communities and individuals to recognize the value of cultural heritage in their lives. In addition to measures for monument conservation, the day is also dominated by awareness about the diversity and vulnerability of cultural heritage.

History and meaning

In 1982, ICOMOS proposed to declare April 18 as International Day of Monuments and Sites. The date was adopted by UNESCO at the 22nd General Conference the following year, and it became a worldwide event. Since then, ICOMOS proposes a theme for this day every year.


The World Heritage Day theme for 2022 is Heritage and Climate. ICOMOS has called on its members, individuals and organizations to organize activities around the theme. This year’s theme provides an opportunity to respond to questions about climate justice and justice to protect heritage. It is also an opportunity to discuss how to achieve equitable protection of vulnerable communities.

“This day provides an appropriate opportunity to demonstrate strategies to promote the full potential of heritage conservation research and practice to create climate-resilient pathways to enhance sustainable development while advocating equitable transitions to a low-carbon future,” said ICOMOS.

The organization suggested that those wishing to organize events can do so by referring to the topics related to disaster risk (climate and man-made), vernacular heritage, heritage in conflict, and heritage and democracy.

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